Artist Collaboration

In connection with the reveal of our new "AMBR SUPER" we are thrilled to invite you on a captivating creative odyssey, where the boundary-pushing genius of a cutting-edge NFT artist, renowned for his fashion and avant-garde style, merges seamlessly with a vision that knows no bounds. Meet Doopiidoo, the enigmatic artist who fearlessly explores the depths of unconventional artistry, pushing the limits.

In this collaboration, Doopiidoo's artistic vision is amplified, creating a visual experience that defies expectations and captivates the senses.

Tell us a little bit about your work, process and focus

My work is an attempt to find something interesting and new, based on my taste, and to have a bit of fun. I primarily focus on form, image, and mood.

Can you share more about how you work with AI ?

My approach is often abstract, and I don't always see a clear picture of the future result. I enjoy experimenting and combining things that may not seem to make sense together. This creates an element of unpredictability that keeps me engaged in the process. I like to compare it to a Kinder Surprise, where you don't know what's inside beforehand and hope to get something rare and cool.

For almost a year now, I have been using Midjourney in my work. Yes, Midjourney is not the most flexible tool, but I don't aim to fully conform to it. Recently, a new version of Photoshop with Stable Diffusion was released, which has been added to my toolset. It allows me to fine-tune minor

What are you passionate about?

Since I started doing design, it has probably become my main passion, and everything related to it. I started as a graphic designer, then transitioned to web design, and eventually moved into product design.
Currently, I'm heavily invested in generative content, and it takes up a significant portion of my time. This year has been somewhat hazy, AI has consumed me. But my role as a product designer hasn't disappeared.

How did you get into AI art?

It's simple. My introduction to AI began with the launch of Midjourney to the public. Well, after that, I forgot my wife's name. Just kidding, but I really want to thank my wife for her support and assistance. In the first month, I was just having fun. Then I realized how cool it was and wanted to share the results. I created an Instagram account and a small website. Initially, all these images were just meant to be phone wallpapers. It was only after about 5 months that it started to take the shape it has now.

Here, I would like to give a special thanks to RED-EYE because they mentioned me in their article and on their Instagram account. From that moment, the growth of followers on my account began. In early December 2022, there were only 36 of them, if I remember correctly.


Do you listen to music while you work, if so, what are you into?

For the most part, no, I usually do it in silence. But I'd be happy to share some of my preferences: Awolnation, Sigur Rós, Bonaparte, Stars, Cigarettes After Sex, Low, Igorrr, Florence + The Machine, Peaches, Chris Cornell, My Chemical Romance, Aurora, Jungle. The list could go on and on; it could be longer than any interview...

To us your artwork express attitude, fashion, fantasy, avant garde and punk. How do you define your work?

Honestly, I haven't really tried to answer that question yet. I'm still in the process of figuring it out. But yes, I suppose I can agree with that description. Fashion attracts me, even though I'm not professionally involved in that field. And in some ways, punk speaks to me. I may not have been a punk, but their music, attitude, and culture appeal to me. A little bit of recklessness wouldn't hurt either.


What is your best memory of scent?

It's hard to say, but the first thing that comes to mind is something from childhood. A summer morning in the countryside, with dew on the grass and the smell of fresh bread and milk.

Talking about scent: how did you go along with interpreting art work for AMBR SUPER?

Honestly,I haven't had the opportunity to experience that smell either. But I would imagine it as a fresh, enveloping, invigorating scent filled with oxygen and freedom. That's what I've been trying to convey in my artwork.


How does the future look in terms of AI and Crypto art?

I don't like making predictions; everything is bound to evolve, and I don't know in what form. Everything changes rapidly. As long as I'm here and enjoying it, I'll keep creating as much work as possible and trying to convey my vision. And the fact that I've already been able to inspire someone, even if it's just a small number of people, to pursue their own creativity, is priceless.

If you were a fantasy character, who would you like to be and why?

I can only tell you who I dreamt of becoming for a long time in my childhood. Back then, I loved the Mortal Kombat universe, and I can't even remember why, but I wanted to be Sub-Zero, the good one. There were two brothers in there.

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Check out Doopiidoo´s amazing work at @doopiidoo