• Sensory experiences

    Son Venïn is an Oslo-based independent perfume producer. The founder of Son Venïn, Dag Laska has a background in identity design and has a true passion for perfume and sensory experiences.

    ¨Memories in scent, Nordic heritage and the inherited democratic mindset of Scandinavians trigger and inspire me¨

    Son Venïn embeds Nordic culture, into high-level niche products, aimed at the international market. Son Venïn HQ & Refill Service is situated downtown of Oslo, Norway.

  • Nordic heritage & continental approach

    Our roots are based on Scandinavian thinking and culture. Ranging from pure and simple to rich and complex, the fragrances reflect the brand’s Nordic roots, with a clean ethos evidenced in perfume and brand. Our inspiration comes from all over the world, based on memory, places, visual connotation with the approach to make relevant scents in a contemporary matter inspired from the democratic mindset of Scandinavians.

  • Son Venin Perfume Le Voleur on a glass wall
  • Son Venin Perfume Santal Super bottle on a white silk background
  • Advanced & unique formulas for perfume lovers

    Our perfumes range from the pure expressions, including 30 something components to the more complex, including 70 something components. We treat our perfume like a baby. They are all different and will have different lives, but they will always be part of the family. This gives a range for perfume lovers to love. If you love our Nordic approach, you will love all our babies.

  • All day no gender perfume

    Sure, gender is relevant, but more importantly, we embrace individuals. People should make up their own minds about what they prefer to smell like. Perfume appears different from person to person. Focusing on unisex is in our Nordic mindset. We want to make sure you smell as good as you naturally look – gender aside.

  • Son Venin Spraying Perfume on a white blotter
  • Vegan & cruelty- free

    We don't add colours to our scents; what you see is what you get. We are synthetic and natural based. Son Venïn strive to add as few additives as possible. We don’t test on animals, and all vaporizing perfumes are vegan & cruelty-free. For solid perfume products, we use beeswax (non vegan) due to the premium natural quality. We strive to produce less plastic, less mixed material, local development when possible, and with the mindset that we are not perfect - but taking detours to improve. Our perfumes are all registered in the CPNP, EU register, and comply with EU regulations.

  • Aknowledgement

    “Son Venïn Posthume won the Art and Olfaction Award after an exhaustive process of judging. The scores for the perfume were consistently very high, propelling it into the finals round where it gained one of the two top spots in the category in a blind judging process. Posthume won the Art and Olfaction Award on the merit of its technical and creative achievement, and Son Venïn is a pioneer for Norwegian perfumery: this is the first time a perfume created in Norway has won the award”

    Saskia Wilson-Brown. Director & Founder
    The Institute for Art and Olfaction