Artist Collaboration
Pernille Sandberg

We are thrilled to present this extraordinary collaboration that seamlessly combines the visionary talent of Pernille Sandberg, a distinguished photographer, with the aesthetic of a modern and purist noir style.

Pernille Sandberg has embarked on a creative journey that delves deep into the essence of black and white photography. Her artistic prowess lies in her ability to transform ordinary subjects into extraordinary works of art, imbuing each frame with a distinct narrative and evoking emotions that transcend time.

Tell us a little bit about your work, process and focus (general background).

My main focus lies in my interest in the complexity that houses our minds - all the contradictory aspects that drive us to love, to create nests, to flee, and even destroy our planet. Throughout my career I’ve worked in various genres of the creative industry, including fine art, fashion, music, and film direction. Each genre generates a unique energy in my work as a visual artist and enhances one another - I truly believe that an artist’s career holds unlimited possibilities within the creative field as long as one remains open-minded and stays as unbiased. As long as a process is inspiring, touching or emotionally rewarding, you can go far.

What’s important to you in terms of process and how you approach photography?

Every time I begin a new project, I become fully immersed, for better or worse. I can literally lock myself in for days, sleeping very little at night, scratching down ideas, reading, or watching movies or documentaries on the subject I’m working on. It is both a blessing and a curse, an otherworldly pendulum of ecstasy, sadness or frustration. Over the years, it has improved as I’ve learned not to rely solely on the opinion of others. In the end, I deeply love what I do - I’m immensely grateful to make a living of art and photography and to be surrounded by so many creative, inspiring souls across the globe.

What are you passionate about?

I’d be deceiving myself if I didn’t mention my love for art books. My studio is filled with books and magazines. Recently I went to look into my storage container in Copenhagen, my birthplace, expecting to find many books, but not as many as I actually did - I suppose that’s what happens when one starts collecting as a young, confused teenager. My dream is to eventually gather them all in one place one day with a soft daybed in front of them. Another passion in my work would undoubtedly be the creative collaborations I’ve been a part of throughout the years, such as my exhibition with the artist Eugène van Lamsweerde, my film project with digital artist Herwig Scherabon or my ongoing work with the art director Gianpaolo Tucci who has worked with me on various projects and that is currently designing my new website. Psychologically, most of my passions are rooted in my fascination with the deep juxtapositions and contradictions of our subconsciousness, such as the interplay between love and lust, fear and eagerness, freedom and restlessness.

  • SON VENIN and PERNILLE SANDBERG Rocks and water

How did you get into photography?

As a five-year-old, my dad took me to the photo store to pick a camera of my own. The options were the Olympus mju ii in black or silver, and I selected the black one as I loved the sleek, shiny design. I still have it, yet I’m now on my third of that model as haven’t gotten around to repairing my previous ones yet! Since that time, I’ve shot photos of everything around me, but it was our family trips around the globe that truly inspired me to become a photographer. I felt the profound power of the medium on my body and mind, realizing the importance of documenting natural, stunning phenomenons such as glaciers, cheetahs sprinting faster than I could have ever imagined, or human-induced disasters such as the desolate landscapes of napalm destruction in Vietnam, or the once-vibrant animal kingdom of New Zealand now under serious threat due to the overwhelming tourism. In many ways, that upbringing has shaped my perspective on life - always keep searching, always accept, and never look down on anyone. No one aspires to live in poverty, be addicted to any stimulant, or be consumed by hatred.

Do you listen to music while you work, if so, what are you into?

Music serves as the fundamental backbone of my work. Whenever I embark on a new project, I curate and immerse myself in music that aligns with the visual direction I envision and stay in that audiovisual realm until the project is complete. At the age of thirteen, I discovered the Danish musician Trentemøller and ever since then, my musical preferences have predominantly leaned toward electronic music. That exact music scene have had a significant impact on my professional life, and I’m fortunate to work with my friends and constant sources of inspiration, Christian Löffler and Frank Wiedemann, among others. Over the past year, I’ve listened heavily to music based on modular synths, such as Caterina Barbieri, Alessandro Cortini, and Nadia Struiwigh.

To us your artwork express a state of mind connected to the sensory, layers of meanings, art and craft. How would you define your work?

I like to perceive my work as sensual, mystical, tactile and perceptually alluring. My most recent solo exhibition, The Bloom of Arduous Clarity, sought to juxtapose the intertwined fixation on beauty and insatiable greed in the face of climate change. To achieve this, I carved several motifs in aluminium, the shiny, attractive material that catch our attention, while simultaneously serving as a significant source of pollution from its extraction process, following the destruction of the rainforest. Another source of inspiration for me is the complex interplay of beauty and resistance - in 2021, I completed a touring art exhibition promoting the much-debated drug reform of Norway. Through the medium of fine art, I depicted drug addiction among young individuals. The concept of resistance manifests in multiple forms within my work, whether it be solitude, social safety, or even desire, each explored to varying degrees.

  • SON VENIN and PERNILLE SANDBERG couple huging

What is your best memory of scent?

The memory of my grandpa’s pipe tobacco is very special to me. After dinner, he performed a ritual of
retrieving his decorative, colorful box from his drawer and skillfully preparing the pipe. The scent would permeate the living room with an atmosphere that felt like home.

Talking about scent : how did you go along with interpreting art work for Son Venin?

To me, the fragrances of Son Venïn exude a captivating blend of sensuality, contradiction, and complexity. They are simultaneously strong, androgynous, powerful, and fearless. In other words, they function as invisible statement pieces for those who wear them. These characteristics have greatly influenced my work for the brand, shaping my techniques and motifs. I wanted to incorporate fearless personalities and subjects stripped of superficial layers - may it be weathered landscapes or human bodies.

  • SON VENIN and PERNILLE SANDBERG Naked body between brut rocks

In terms of final results this series ended up to include some 60 images, what photos were you most happy with yourself (and why)?

Several photographs from the collection have etched themselves into the fabric of my memory. Among the captured moments, if I were tasked with choosing only a select few, the ones that would undoubtedly claim my attention are the photo of the aquarium ablaze against the rugged backdrop of a rocky beach, and the ethereal concealment of a nude body amidst the serpentine contours of the cliffs. These images possess a dual essence, intertwining the unrefined essence of nature with the refined touch of humanity, much like the very essence of the Son Venïn brand itself.

  • SON VENIN and PERNILLE SANDBERG Fire and rocks
  • SON VENIN and PERNILLE SANDBERG pernille's photo

If you were a fantasy character, who would you like to be and why?

Who wouldn’t want to be Eve (Tilda Swinton) in Only Lovers Left Alive for a day - the vampire aspect can be debated, but to exist long enough to have read all the poetry in the world and to have listened to every note ever composed seems like a dream. Another one would be Max from Stranger Things - then I’d have a legit excuse to listen to Kate Bush forever.

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